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Related post: Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 18:49:48 -0800 From: Justyn Subject: Reese and Me 14 - CrashReese and Me 14 - Crash March 12, 2001Written by Jamie McHaleDisclaimer and Warning - This story contains sexual content of a homosexual nature.Note - This story is the property of the writer. Any copying in part or in whole of this document is prohibited. This story is completely fictional and does innocent art preteen not involve any real people.EMAIL me if you have any comments. ____________________________________________________________________________ Reese and Me 14 - Crash School sucked on Monday. It seemed as though all my teachers bilder model preteen had made a secret agreement to make that particular day as boring mexican nn preteen as posible. The only thing that had cumshots preteen kept preteen naked vagina me going in English Media was Reese. We sat next to each other, of course. And we'd spend as much of the class boy cum preteen as posible, talking. Our relationship had improved over the last few days. We had made it through our impass. Or so it seemed. English Media was our second-last class of the day, so Reese and I had been discussing our plans for that night. "You wanna head down to the arcade after supper?" preteens illegal sex my nude daughters preteen lover asked, leaning in toward me. nude preteen nyphets "Sounds good," I replied. Reese was looking so good that day. He was wearing bright orange pants with a black t-shirt with orange striping. renos young preteen His hair, recently cut shorter, was gelled into spikes. I couldn't wait for school to end so we could be alone. Reese went back to his work, but soon turned back to me. "Jake," he whispered. I turned my head to face him again, "Yeah?" "When's that banquet again?" he inquired, raising an eyebrow. I realized immediately that it was that night. I'd completely forgotten about it. "It's tonight!" I cried, shocked that I'd let something like that slip my mind. It was the annual school council banquet. Reese and I had just joined the council a week earlier. They needed reps for grade 11, so we volunteered. Basically, we were allowed to skip class whenever there was lovely nonnude preteens a meeting, which was always cool. "Shitty," Reese said. "Yeah," I agreed, "But it won't be that bad." I was just trying to look on the bright side, however that rarely worked with Reese. "What do you mean?!" Reese young preteens nue gasped, "It's gonna fucken suck!" "What's so bad preteen nadja about having to go to a supper?" I asked, trying to get to the bottom of Reese's apprehensions. Reese again, turned his attentions back on me, "First off, you have to get all dressed up for nothing. For a ***** meal and a glass 'a wine, if even that." "God would you lighten up," I sighed, sitting back in my chair. "Then you have to sit there in those uncomfortable chairs all night, 'cause it'd be impolite to leave even five minutes early!" "Complain, complain, complain. That's all you do isn't it?!" I was only slightly annoyed, so this argument was more playful than anything. Nothing like the classic fights we'd had so often in the past week. I was just so tired of fighting, period. All I wanted was to be happy, and for Reese to be happy. This seemed almost impossible at times. Especially when we were constantly on each other's nerves about stuff. "I like to complain," Reese responded after a slight pause. The rest of the class played out normally, as well as last period. After the bell rang, I met up with Reese at our lockers. He was ready to go by the time I got there. He preteen virgins boys smiled at me again, "Time for a quicky at your place before the banquet?" It was music to my ears. "You bet your tight little ass there's time!" I cried, grinning back at him. I quickly deposited my school bag into the locker and picked up my jacket. Just then, as I watched Reese, he began to stiffen. He was apparently looking at something or someone behind me. With a surge of sudden curiousity as to who was standing behind me, I whipped around. It was Meghan. At first, I didn't preteens boys fuck understand why Reese looked so uncomfortable. But then, I realized that it was due to the fact that Meg knew about he and I being lovers. I supposed that if I were in Reese's position, I would feel uncomfortable as well. "Hi Jake, Reese," Meg greeted immediately. "Hey," I replied, smiling. "Hey," youngest preteen nymphets Reese muttered, backing into the lockers. I could tell that he didn't want to be around. "What's going on with preteen tpg pic you guys tonight, other than the banquet?" Meg asked pleasantly. She was also on the school council. "Nothin' really," I answered, keeping in mind that Reese just wanted to die. "I think we're preteen drawing xxx just going home." "Oh," Meg began to say, "I thought maybe we head over to Ponter's or the Mall." I thought about it only for a second. And whatever consideration I was giving her idea, disappeared as soon as I turned to look at Reese. He mouthed the word, "no," so it was pretty obvious to me that he wasn't up for it. And besides, we had other plans for each other. "I don't think so, not today," I replied finally. preteen sex storys "We have to go get ready an' shit." illeagel preteens I tried to tell her as nicely as possible, but I could tell that she knew we were ditching her. "Okay then," she first preteen anal said, still pleasant, "Catch preteen galleries top100 you guys tomorrow then." "Yeah," I said, beginning down the hall for the exit. I felt bad for having to say no to her, but usenet preteen model Reese had to come first. And I knew that he would likely never feel comfortable hanging around with her. After we'd arrived outside, Reese turned to me, "How do you even talk to her?" he asked. "I dunno . . . I guess I like her as a friend," I replied, trying preteen nude massages to put it just the right way. "You shouldn't have told her, Jake," he said suddenly, just as we were arriving in front of the Jeep. I could sense another fight coming on, so I desperately tried to avoid the subject. "So you pumped to get home?" I asked him, unlocking the Cherokee's doors. Reese just sighed, realizing that I wasn't going to acknowledge him. "Jake," he hissed, standing still as I climbed into the vehicle. Not this fucking shit again, I thought. "You gonna talk to me teen preteenmodels about this?!" he demanded, his face turning red. "Yes, okay, Reese," I agreed, getting aggravated myself. "Just get in the fucking Jeep!" pre teens putitas preteen nasty nudes Without another word, he got in the passenger seat. It wasn't long before he started on me again, preteen maxmodels asia however. "You know Kevin could have found out by now, don't you? And if he knows, then like everyone knows!" "Reese," I said, "Stop it, Kevin doesn't know shit." "How do you know?" he whined. He wasn't angry as much as he was worried. Worried preteen nighties that we'd be dragged preteen girl torrent through the mud extreme ageplay preteen once again. Even though I could relate to what he was talking about, I was getting sick and fucking tired of his whining and complaining. It started preteen image boards us fighting, and that was preteen twin nude something that I had been desperately trying to avoid. preteen usa sexe Sometimes, with Reese, that was a mission impossible. "I was just talkin' to him on the phone last night," I explained, trying to keep my cool. "Trust me, my man, he doesn't know shit. Meghan hasn't told him, and she won't. She's not like that." "You've misjudged people sexy illegal preteens before, Jake," Reese mumbled, turning his face away. I'm not sure why, but his last statement almost sent me over the edge. I was so close to pulling the Jeep over and kicking him out. But, I stopped myself. I'd been practicing my self-restraint. "Remember how preteen pedo sluts tight you were with Alex before. Then he turns out to be this fucken monster!" I could feel my face reddening. "Reese, shut the fuck up about that." I saw him open his mouth to say something, but then he stopped. All I needed at that point, was another smart-ass remark. I sighed. I was so sick of us fighting. I don't think that there was any doubt as to how much we loved each other. But, if all that was true, then you'd think we'd be able to get along. However, things just weren't working out. "Sorry, Jake," Reese preteen girl contortionist finally said. "I'm being an idiot." I glanced over at him, "Reese, I just don't wanna fight anymore. I can't take this for very much longer." "I know, me neither. But sometimes I just can't stop myself. Shit just pisses me off and I have to talk about it." "Reese, it preteen virtual models doesn't help." I looked back up to the street child preteen nonnude lights. It had turned green. Immediately, I hit the gas and accelerated through the intersection. "I know," he acknowledged, "I'm done now." "You have to understand that people make mistakes," I said to him, "I'm a human being, I'm not perfect." Reese nodded in response. "I can't unterage preteens even begin to express to you preteen cp blowjob how sorry I am for cheating on you. But it's done now. We have to let it go." Reese didn't answer. I looked over at him again. His face had tightened up. Uh oh, I thought. nude preteens girls I'd mentioned the cheating again. preteen nacked pics Now, I was fucked. "Reese?" I said, "You alright?" "Naw," he replied, "I don't wanna talk to you about this anymore." There was nothing but hurt in his voice now. I'd instantly been reduced to a pile of excrament. I wanted to say something else to him. Something that might make him feel better, but I had no idea what to say. The truth was that there was lust pics preteen nothing I could say. Without anymore talk, we arrived in my driveway, at which point Reese immediately exited the Jeep and headed down the driveway for his russian preteen childporn house. I quickly got out of the vehicle and stepped toward him. "What time you going to the banquet?" preteen cp fucking preteen model castle I cried. "I'm not going!" he declared, reaching his hot preteen chat yard in seconds. Pulsing with a wave of rage and anger, I laced the side of the red Cherokee a good, hard kick. "Fucking bitch!" I uttured, probably a little too loud. I was sure that Reese had heard me, and I regretted having said it as soon as it had slipped out. Making my way up the steps for the front door, I began to wonder seriously young hairy preteens about my future with Reese. Maybe it's over, I thought. Maybe I call it quits right now! I was just so tired of all the hostility. I couldn't illegal erotica preteen keep going like that. Right when I thought things were returning to normal, we had to have another hissy fit! And no matter what we were fighting about, it always ended with charming preteen sluts Reese running home. I was glad to see that no one was home. I began up the stairs for my room, deciding that I wasn't going to the banquet either. I was so mad, my hands were shaking. I reached my bed and layed down. My heart still racing, I picked up the phone almost instinctively. pre teen toes I was calling Chase to come over. I hadn't had a lot of communication with him recently, and I knew that it would do me good to talk with him for a bit. He really was the only person that I could discuss my problems with. preteen girlsex There was only two rings before Chase picked up, "Hello?" "Hey, Chase. It's Jake," I said, trying to sound at least, "alright." "Hey Jake, what up? You sound different." "Yeah, I'm a little preteens fuck dad shaken up over preteen beauty contest here. I could use someone to talk to . . . " I didn't even have to finish, "K, I'm on my way, bud!" Then, he hung up. I managed a smile, laying back after I hung up on my end. I knew fm models preteen that I was inviting trouble by asking him over, but at that point, I didn't care. marcia preteen It only took Chase about ten minutes to make it over. He'd borrowed his Mom's car. Noticing him pull preteen bbs forums up finest preteen model through my room's windows, I shot up from my seat on the bed to meet him downstairs. little beauty preteen After three knocks busty preteens models at the door, I reached the foyer to let him in. He looked absolutely fantastic. However, I was so caught up in my frusteration, that I couldn't think about him that way. Not yet, anyway. "Hi," Chase said, taking off his shoes after closing the door amateur young preteen behind him. "Hey," I replied, smiling for him. "K, what happened?" he asked right away, taking a step toward naughty nn preteen me. "Me and Reese had another fight," top preteens ls I admitted to preteen european naturalist him. "Just like before, basically about Alex." Chase listenned so well. And I knew that he latina lola preteen cared about me, and my problems. It felt good talking to him for those reasons. "And what happened, he storm out of here again?" Chase inquired, looking down into my eyes. He was so cute. His expression revealed how concerned he was for me. I suddenly felt myself close to tears. But, I held them back. naturist preteen ukrainian "Pretty, much," I began, "He just got out of the Jeep and ran across the street for his house." "I see," he said, leaning against the wall. "How you feeling about all this now, Jake?" I wasn't quite sure how to answer that. I thought that he might be asking me if I was ready to let Reese go. preteen world free For a few minutes, I might have been. But right then, in that moment, I wasn't sure. All I knew was that I was sick of fighting with the guy I loved. And I knew that I couldn't take family preteen pics it for much longer. "What do you mean?" I asked, my hands still shaking. "I mean, are you ready to end preteen yo clip all this?" he preteens pussy answered, young preteens free "Are preteen nudes breast you ready to stop the fighting, and the aggravation?" I paused, taking it all in. Basically, Chase was asking me if I was going to dump Reese. I petite naked preteen loved him and didn't want to do that. But, in the back of my mind, I thought it was coming, one way or another. All we did was fight. We were sick of each other, and the relationship couldn't go on any longer. I figured that if I didn't end it, Reese would. And even though there still was no doubt in my mind that we loved each other, after that last fight, and having Chase drop everything to rush to my aid, I was ready to make a move. "I think I will end this," I replied finally. I couldn't believe what I'd just said, but even so, I immediately went for the cordless phone in the uncensored preteen pussies kitchen. Trembling like a little kid who thinks he just saw a ghost, I dialed Reese. Just as I was about to hit the last number, I felt Chase's hand close around my shoulder. "Jake, don't preteen giving blowjob do this 'cause I'm here," he said, "Do it because you don't want to fight anymore." "I know why I'm doing this," I told him, hitting the preteen nymphets lola last digit in Reese's number. I took in a deep breath, waiting for him to pick up. After the second ring, he did. "Hello?" Reese said. I knew immediately that he was emotional. He'd been crying. I almost chickened out. "It's Jake," I said, my voice cracking. "Jake, I can't talk to you right now," he explained. preteen modell virgin "You won't have to." I straightened, building up the last preteen model hc bit of courage that I needed. "I wanna break up." incest preteen xxx There was no response for a long time. And as Reese undoubtedly considered what I'd bbs preteen exchange just said, I began to cry. I knew it had been inevitable, however, I'd tried to hold the tears back as long as possible. "We can fix it," Reese cried, "We can fix things, Jake!" models preteen nymphets "No, we can't," I told him, in utter agony, "Reese, we're done. We've been done for a while. And now it's time to move on." I wasn't even sure of what I was saying. "Noooooooooooooo!" Reese screamed, absolutely balling. I'd never heard him crying like that. "Jake, I'm so sorry!" he cried desperately, "I preteen nude darkcollection never meant to hurt you, I . . . " "Reese, it has to be this preteen hymen story way," I said, trying to hold my ground. I couldn't, as it turns out. My entire body was shaking now. The thought of losing him was now as real as it would ever be european preteen nudist in my mind. I couldn't let him go anymore. Not with him crying like that. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, preteen nudest pic Jake!" Reese screamed, "Please don't!" The tears continuing down my face, I couldn't hold it in anymore. I let go of the phone and made a run for the door. Without any consideration for Chase, I ran down my driveway and across smooth preteen boys the street for Reese's house. He met me half-way up the front lawn. And as Chase watched behind me, I took my man into a passionate embrace. Reese was in such a wild panic that he wouldn't let go of me for anything. I felt terrible for what Chase must perverted preteen pics have been feeling, but I was too caught up in my situation preteen masturbation archive with Reese to bother even turning around to look at him. After Reese and I had made it inside his house, we dropped to the foyer floor. girl preteen swimsuit It was hard tile, but it didn't matter. I had to make lara model preteen love to him, right then and there. Reese and I kissed and kissed and kissed. We wrestled around on the floor, tearing away our clothes. "I'm so sorry, Jake!" Reese wept, "I'll never be that way again, I swear!" I didn't bother to answer him. He knew how I felt. I would always love him, and he would always love me. No matter how much we faught, we would always have this connection. Sometimes, elements of different young preteens pussy kinds would test our devotion to each other, but we would prevail. We had to. I couldn't believe that I had been ready to leave him for Chase. I decided that I had been too hurt and angry to realize what I was doing. I promtly turned Reese on his side, pulling his khakis and silk boxers down to his knees. Both of us panting, I thrust my hard cock into his tight ass, working preteen pantyhose tgp my magic on his dick with my hands. As I pumped him harder and harder, he moaned with pleasure. Gripping his arm with one hand, and whaking him off with the other, I pounded him and pounded him. Soon, we were dripping with sweat, and we kissed tenderly as the sex continued. It didn't take long before I blew it into his hot anus. Afterwhich, I made sure Reese sprayed all over the bbs preteens nude tiled floor. I youngest preteen nudist let go of him, laying back. Everything seemed so clear to me now. "Reese," I began, completely calm, "We have to talk this out." "I know," he replied, having finished crying a while earlier. "I hardcore preteen was ready to end it," I admitted to him. "I know," he replied, turning over to face me. He was still the same little cutie that he'd been when we first met. "I love you more than anything, you know that right?" "Yeah. And I love you too," he said, flashing me a smile. "But, if we continue to fight like this . . . I won't be wet shirt preteens able to tolerate it," I explained. "Me neither," he preteen nudist clubs agreed, "I'm done, Jake. I'm done fighting with you about bullshit. And I know we've had this talk before, but now I'm serious. I don't fucken care anymore." It was the best thing I could have heard come out of his mouth. "I know where things stand now, and I nude modeling preteen know that you're not gonna leave me for Chase or anyone else." At that point, I jpan preteen took him into a long kiss. Everything was all better. And, I hoped to god that it would stay that way. Tell me if I should keep this going.
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